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  • Return to Civility: A Speed of Laughter Project
    Return to Civility: A Speed of Laughter Project
    by John Sweeney, The Brave New Workshop

Return to Civility: the book

This simple little book has a simple little theme, “Act the way you want the world to be.”

Based on the observation that perhaps the world could be a bit more polite, a bit kinder and a bit friendlier, John Sweeney and the folks at the Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre have written Return to Civility, A Speed of Laughter Project. Containing 365 suggestions to help create a more civilized world, Return to Civility seeks to reclaim the appreciation once displayed for our fellow human beings, our selves, and our planet.

Motivated by his experience at a concert during which a Grammy-award-winning musician was forced to quit mid-song in order to ask the audience to ratchet down its conversation, author and speaker John Sweeney rallied the troops at his theatre to come up with 365 ways to lead a more considerate, and considered, life. The ideas shared in Return to Civility are not about changing others; but rather, are a list of ways we can alter our own actions and behaviors.



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