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  • Return to Civility: A Speed of Laughter Project
    Return to Civility: A Speed of Laughter Project
    by John Sweeney, The Brave New Workshop

Terms and Conditions for Submitting Suggestions

Because we are hoping to create additional editions of Return to Civility, we ask that you read and accept the agreement below so that we may use your suggestions down the road! If you are not interested in being included in future editions, you can simply add your comments by selecting civil suggestions from the link to the right. It's not that we want you to do all the work, we'd just really like to get additional points of view on what "being civil" means to you and our lawyers tell us that if we want to give credit where credit is due, then you need to go through this process.

If you agree to the above conditions, then CLICK HERE to be taken to our formal submission form.