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  • Return to Civility: A Speed of Laughter Project
    Return to Civility: A Speed of Laughter Project
    by John Sweeney, The Brave New Workshop

Return to Civility: A Speed of Laughter Project


In thinking that perhaps we can all be a bit more polite, a bit kinder and a bit more civil, John Sweeney and the Brave New Workshop wrote the book Return To Civility, A Speed of Laughter Project in 2008. The first edition contains 365 simple suggestions for making the world a little more friendly and you can read all about it or buy it in the book section of this site.

The Return to Civility Project will attempt to gather - from everyday citizens in countries far and wide - examples of what they feel it means to be civil to one another, our environment, and all living things that make up our planet. And, if we receive the stellar suggestions we believe are out there, we'll publish a second edition of Return to Civility by the end of 2009 with proceeds going to benefit a number of charities. We hope you'll submit your ideas and join us in a Return to Civility.

How can I participate?

If you'd like to be considered for inclusion in any future editions, you'll need to agree to our formal submission guidelines here.

If you'd just like to read what others have submitted or share your comments on this site only, then please visit our discussion group here.